Thursday, 13 September 2012

Collaborative efforts

This set of rings is dear to my heart, because the experience of working with Lynda and David was a pleasure from go-to-woah. And I'm not just saying that because, due to a large number of freaky coincidences, Lynda is my doppelgänger. Or, I'm hers. And I'm not just saying it because Lynda sent me pictures of her cute goats! (I love goats. I want goats. This is a subject for another day.)

Alls I can say is, I am a lucky sod to work with creative types because every job is like a lovely collaboration. And collaborations are what I like best.

Lynda's ring is natural unplated 18ct white gold, and David's simple, rough band is in strong, light titanium. The metal of the future!

Now don't get me wrong- you don't have to be in the creative industries to have your special piece made by me. Hey, you could be a high-powered city type without a creative bone in your body. I'll still make your three-carat diamond and platinum ring for you.

It doesn't hurt to put it out there, right...?!

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rino breebaart said...

awesome design. More photos, please!