Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Shh! Secret Squirrel!

Who has two thumbs and locked themselves out of their own blog for several months?
*This guy!*
(Note to self: do that joke with video next time.)

I'm back!
With another super-pretty set of rings and a cute story.
As per usual, my clients prove themselves to be nicer than your average bear.

Sarah and Zane flew up to Brisbane to meet with me and commissioned this engagement ring in rose gold, with a natural apricot coloured sapphire, and a rough-hewn white gold wedding band for Zane. Sarah planned on wearing just the one ring- instead of having a separate wedding and engagement ring.

After they got home, Sarah dropped me an email and asked me to make a secret gift of silver wedding-day cufflinks for Zane. Around the same time, Zane contacted me and requested a secret extra wedding band for Sarah. Much sneaking around and hilarious hijinks ensued. I'm a terrible liar, but one thing I am good at is keeping jewellery-related secrets. Safe to say both were surprised by their sparkly extras.

(click on the pics to get up close.)

Sarah also ordered lacey rings as gifts for her three bridesmaids, and Zane sweetly bumped up the order to include an extra surprise ring for Sarah's birthday, celebrated on their honeymoon. Unsurprisingly I am now having Sarah-and-Zane withdrawals. Who will I play secret squirrel with now? (Visit anytime, guys.)


Holly Goes... said...

Your such a dag!

I like this story of secrets very much!

Lovely to see you last weekend.
Stay creative! x

Anonymous said...

Aww Madeleine you make the story sound very cute. Thanks for everything we adore our pieces... I can't wait for another big jewellery-warranting occasion.
I'll let you know when we're next in Brisbane do we can catch up!