Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Back from a wee break.

I've just spent several days up the coast with some of my favourite people- old friends from our days living in Scotland. With their visit as an excuse, we've lain on the beach, played copious games of Yahtzee, eaten at amazing restaurants, and drunk a bottle of wine- or two. (Or several.) I am soooo relaxed. And tired. All that relaxing is exhausting.

The last time we were up the coast was for the elegant and classic Noosa wedding of more old friends, Lou and AJ. The world's most generous (and good-lookin') bride and groom commissioned special gifts for their mothers to remember the day. Aren't these lovely? We all know I love a locket. I was particularly happy with this one.

The earrings are in onyx and yellow gold and hopefully will be worn all day, every day.

Lucky mums, and lovely, lovely wedding!

On another note, here is a gratuitous and totally irrelevant shot of my absolute favourite people: my husband and my brand-new niece. I don't know who is cuter. xx


siobhan said...

The locket and the earrings are both beautiful (also baby and husband are very sweet as well). What was the inside of the locket like?

madeleine brown said...

Just very plain and polished inside the locket- by now filled with a photo of said super-attractive bride, hopefully!