Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I am just so pleased to finally share this locket with you. It was commissioned by Khoa, to present in a surprise proposal to Linda. (In New York!)

Every now and then a project comes along that you take on as a personal challenge, because you simply love the concept- and the client.

I have that common inability to say no to people, so when Khoa floated his wild ideas with me, I couldn't turn him down. In fact, I took them and ran... "It should have engraving! And carved recycled hardwood! And silhouettes! Yeah! And spaces to keep rings in! And flashing lights when it opens and closes!!"

Alright, so maybe there's no flashing lights, but it's only a matter of time, people, you know?

Two years of collaboration and multiple hilarious emails later, adds up to a locket of easter-egg proportions. I love it.

Congratulations Khoa and Linda- I look forward to working on your many whacky ideas in the future.

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