Tuesday, 22 November 2011


It is high time I showed off these rings, as the clients in question are an old married couple of several months standing, by now.

This is another pair of rings that I can take no credit for- Jules and Michelle made them in a day's workshop with me. Each ring was carved out of wax and impressed with each other's thumbprint, and Michelle's has a little cut out in front to allow for the setting on her engagement ring.

Unfortunately due to, ahem, technical error, Jules had to make Michelle's ring twice... but all that practice made very, very perfect, right Jules?

(Okay, I have to tell this story- the technical error was that somebody in the casting house ruined the fingerprint in the process of casting the ring, and it was unable to be saved. I heard that the supervisor of whoever did the ruining, told them that the fingerprint had been that of the client's grandmother, who was 'no longer with us'. And he let him stew on that piece of information all day. Isn't that mean? But also a little bit funny.)

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