Monday, 10 October 2011

Let the sun shine in.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the wedding of two of my long-time favourite clients, Nathan and Joelie. These two have been such a joy to work with over the years, from their engagement ring to wedding rings and other assorted paraphernalia- I really count them as friends and not clients. It reminds me that this is why I do the work I do.

The wedding was in Maleny, in a spot that should have been green and gorgeous- if it wasn't for the torrential rain and fog that afternoon! However, true to form- when Joelie came down the aisle, they both looked absolutely radiant, in the moment, and only had eyes for each other. Damn, I love weddings. I could watch that beautiful moment again and again. It all led into being the fun-est and funniest party I've been to in a long time. Poor old Mark was so unwell with the flu that evening that we had to head off relatively early, which is such a shame because I could have happily gone on all night! (Now guess who had the sore head in the morning. Uurgh.)

Among other pieces, Joelie asked me to make neckpieces for herself and her bridesmaids. At the time I photographed them on my dressmakers dummy, and frankly they looked kind of meh- it didn't do them justice at all. Seeing them on the woman of the hour, live and in person, was a whole other thing- Joelie was a stunner and her vision was spot on. It's really an example of the jewellery is nothing without the wearer.

Thank you to Brian Rogers Photographics for sharing these lovely photos. If you're looking for a hilarious Brit to photograph your wedding and keep you entertained while he does it, Brian's your man.

(Plus... a dodgy phone-photo to show just how fun an evening it was. If any other clients are considering inviting me to their wedding, please keep in mind that I won't necessarily wear a hat shaped like a chicken.)


Joelie said...

What do you mean? The chicken hat suits you so well!

As I said my sister has had no end of compliments on her necklace - I'm looking forward to an appropriate event to wear mine again.... Nathan and I love our beautiful rings so thank you so much for all your hard work and making our confusing scribbles into such stunning works of art.

Anonymous said...

Nathan said -
our briefing discussion on my ring was amusing and enjoyable, you really did get what i was after and the colour and texture is just amazing in the ring you created. thanks

most comments have been that people love the antique value of the ring that has been achieved in colour and the hand made texture.

i really like the carved detail that is like the texture of the paintings that we gave to you as a brief several years ago. thanks for your hard work.

madeleine brown said...

Thanks you two! Now, how about that dinner...?