Monday, 12 September 2011

Old-school and New-school

I'm excited for the next few weeks as I have lots and lots of new work to share.

This set of rings was commissioned by internationally roaming couple Steve and Snejana. Steve had the idea of swirling filigree work on the inside of the rings, hidden by a simple polished exterior. (He told me he didn't want to get teased by the other engineers at work... sorry Steve, your romantic side has been outed!)

photos courtesy of UAP

I showed them a picture of this sculpture above, that I designed a few years ago for the Mater Hospital. We decided that handwritten calligraphy would be a beautiful secret addition to a set of plain wedding bands. I also remade Snejana's existing engagement ring, to allow a flat wedding band to sit next to it neatly. The open-backed rubover setting allows lots of light into her gorgeous emerald, while offering it enough protection from getting beaten up at work (Snejana is a personal trainer).

The calligraphy is all hand written by me, and then turned into a 3-d computer model by someone far cleverer than I am. Then a wax model is created from the computer file, and it is cast into precious metal. It comes back to me to be finished and polished up by hand.

It's quite a fascinating process. I like the combination of old-school- me with my ink pen, scribbling away- and tech-y genius that's involved in something like this. I have no interest in learning how to translate a drawing on paper into a computer file- I spend enough time in front of a computer as it is- but I love the possibilities that are opened up by this process. Technology is my friend. Mostly.


Kirstin said...

You're just to clever Miss Madeleine. They look beautiful and full of meaning to their wearers.

madeleine brown said...

Yaaw, shucks, Kirstin!

Thea said...

Beautiful rings, as always. I've even more impressed by the sculpture you created for the Mater. I had no idea. It's stunning! x

rino breebaart said...

that sculpture is awesome too!

Holly Goes... said...

loving this calligraphy business- its quite a skill to have, especially in combination with all your other skills (who knew you were a sculptor also!?). Fantastic stuff Mads!

Steve and Snejana said...

Thank you so much for making our rings. We absolutely love them and wear them with pride :).

It was our pleasure to have your attentive and creative talent to make these symbols we will have for our lifetime.

Steve and Snejana