Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Process and progress

More beautiful recycling to make us feel good about our sensible use of the world's precious resources :-)

(By the way, I'm really anti the word 'upcycling'. What is that? It's just a boho-yah way of saying recycling, right? Boho-yah is a phrase my friend in Edinburgh taught me... it's boho as in bohemian, and yah as in "Yaah, daaahling", and put together it means posh people who are slumming it at art school. Good, huh? A much more creative use of language than 'upcycling'. Wouldn't you agree?)

Back onto the subject, a pile of scrappy rings and mismatched earrings got the gas-torch treatment, and was transformed into this luscious opal ring. Opals are a little bit magic, I think, especially when they are not set in the belly of a golden koala or some such tourist cliche. Give tourists a break. They have better taste than that.


Lindsay said...

I covet this ring!!! You are one talented lady.

Siobhan said...

This ring is gorgeous.