Tuesday, 28 June 2011

More Moth Madness

Have I ever mentioned that in Mount Crosby we grow our insects BIG? (Also our arachnids, for the purists among you.) I'm still working through my moth fever, and have been visiting the Queensland Museum for a spot of 'research'. My life is tough.

I'm working on a BIG commission whose scale may do justice to the beefed-up wildlife that scares the bejeezus out of me out here every day.

(From top to bottom: A home grown local; photos and sketches from a day at the Queensland Museum; and concept render of my commission proposal by Rapid Concept Designs.)

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Kirstin said...

Hi Maddy,
You should chat with my friend Linden. She is a beautiful watercolour artist (among many other things - graphic designer, interior designer, etc). She does gorgeous insect ink and wc pieces in the style of those museam books. She also has some beautiful colour plated source books.
Cheers Kirstin