Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Before and After

I have a new all-time favourite ring. Okay, so I change my mind every couple of weeks. I'm easily distracted. But you know how I love a good before-and-after...

Jane has been married for 35 years this year, and approached me to take a look at her wedding, engagement and eternity rings. I actually really like her original rings neatly set in white gold- very clean and simple. But they were getting a bit small, and ready for a few repairs, and Jane decided it was time to refresh them a bit.


She spotted this model that I made for an exhibition a few years back, and loved the idea- and it worked perfectly with her classic emerald cut and baguette diamonds. I melted down and rolled out her old rings to create the new (with lots of new metal added - these suckers are heavy!)


I'm really happy with this set of rings, and proud of Jane for being brave enough to pick something so unusual! And I loved our visits, hearing about her animals and what her kids are up to. Don't be a stranger, Jane!

(By the way, big thanks to Arf, whiskey connoisseur and photographic wizard, for the new lens. It's great! What do you think??)


Felicity said...

What do I think?
This is absolutely THE most impressive set I've seen.
You are very clever Madeleine and I'm sure Jane will truly delight in wearing her 'new' rings.


Anonymous said...

I love my new rings. Lots of positive comments are going your way.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

That is supposed to be a picture of me. Somehow Ron's picture got there instead.

Zoƫ said...

Isn't it great when you get a client willing to trust your artistic integrity? Beautiful work Madeleine and congrats to Jane for taking the leap (although I thought the before rings were really cool as well!).