Monday, 23 May 2011

Two things I discovered lately.

Thing Number One. I love rose gold.
In my ten years of making and designing jewellery, I've never used rose gold. All of a sudden, I'm doing three jobs at once that feature it. It never rains but it pours, hey? I never used to like it- there is so little rose gold jewellery out there and it tends to be pretty tacky. But since it was requested, I've discovered that it's really quite lovely- it has such a pretty, soft tone to it that really complements some people's skin, and it's not as brash and bold as yellow gold can be.

Thing Number Two. I hate rose gold.
It's the copper content in rose gold that gives it its pink colour. It's also the copper content that makes it a horror to work with. How can something so hard to hammer out also be so easy to accidentally melt bits off?? Uurgh, good thing it looks so great finished, otherwise I'd be forced to take another ten years off from using it.

(Thanks Daniela, Kalyanii and Ville for forcing me to learn something new!)

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