Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Nicola contacted me several months ago about jewels for her wedding. She was originally inspired by this ring she spotted on my website:

This is one of the first diamond rings I ever made, for one of my dearest friends. I think it is also one of the most popular pieces I have ever made- I am constantly telling people that I could have a thousand copies of it cast in China, and I could retire on the proceeds.

Nonetheless, I always try not to directly remake a piece, so each version still reflects its new owners. Nicola is an architect, so we adapted the ring to be a bit more crisp and clean, a little less organic and random. Nicky has long slender fingers, so this super-wide ring looks fabulous on!

I know I tend to go on and on about how nice my clients are. I'm not making it up- I seriously do think that I attract a better class of jewellery commissioner :-)

The couple who commissioned today's ring are no exception- Nicola and Keith, I've loved working with you! Happy, happy wedding to you!

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