Friday, 29 April 2011

Left brain, meet right brain.

I've been looking forward to sharing these for such a long time!

Here is an email I got from Paul at the beginning of the year:

"Dear Mad,
In about 6 weeks, I'll have been married to the marvelous, talented and stunning Leena Ann for 3653 days."

(Aaaaaw.) That's ten years for the not so mathematically inclined. He went on to tell me the numbers of days along that each of his (super-cute) three kids were born, told me about he and Leena's personal love of the fibonacci golden spiral, and asked for two necklaces that would bring all of this together.

Paul's pendant is 36.53 mms long, with a ruby, golden and green sapphire for each of the kids at the appropriate intervals along its length.

Leena's necklace is the piece-de-resistance... one continuous rope of tiny tiny seed pearls, along with a garnet, a peridot and a citrine to represent each of the kiddiwinks. There is a seed pearl for each day of their marriage, and each length matches up with the length of time between the kids- so, 655 pearls, red stone, 973 pearls, yellow stone, etc etc... adding up to 3653 days including the extra precious days when their precious babies hit the world. The whole four-and-a-half metre length wraps around and around the neck and is caught up in a gold clasp featuring the golden spiral, and can be worn long or short (depending on how many times you wrap it).

Frankly the stringing of 3650 one-millimetre pearls drove me spare, but the end result is so luscious that it was totally worth it. I love it. Hopefully it will have many many years of wear and the kids will all argue about who gets to inherit.

Thank you Paul for such a beautiful and challenging commission! And for putting up with the whinging about my failing eye-sight and what all that counting was doing to my brain.


Anna said...

WOW with three capitals! Worthy of the extra effort required to type aforementioned capitals on an iPhone. Stupid single caps function. Even more awesome than I imagined from your description.

Zoƫ said...

That is phenomenal!

Leena Green said...

Hi Madeleine,
I've been wearing the necklace a bit over the past wee while. Thank you again again. Lately I'm wearing it long, or in random lengths. I enjoy the whole beauty of dressing it, fiddling with the lengths, negotiating with the children so they all play nicely and help me look good. I do find I check them frequently through the night, patting and making sure they are facing the front and smiling...

I think sometimes the ties that bind the days together might be stretching a little, and I do fear then scattering .. so I am gentle and treat it like a beautiful thing and I think that will do the trick.

thank you again again