Friday, 22 April 2011

In Print.

It's so good to discover new exciting blogs. Especially Australian ones about art and design. Especially ones that want to interview me! Yay!

If you want to learn more about fine arts, thought provoking art criticism, highbrow Australian exhibitions and my boring tendency to be a cheerleader for Brisbane, head over to Vociferous Whimsy, written by Nikita Vanderbyl (who, incidentally, must have the most awesome name ever, no?)

If you prefer to be inspired by an array of wild and wonderful artists, performers and designers, and are curious about any insecurities I might have regarding designing, running a business or befriending clients, enjoy Lightbox, by multi-talented Brissie local Chloe Cooper.

Thanks ladies! Two really good new finds to add to my daily reading list. I blame the ten minutes less I will have per working day on you both.

(PS... have you entered my super-celebration-giveaway of goodness yet? You have until Tuesday!)

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