Friday, 8 April 2011


After a huge couple of weeks at the jeweller's bench, I was looking to reward myself today to a slow, self-indulgent drive to Hervey Bay, ahead of the beginner's silversmithing class I'll be teaching this weekend at the local tafe.

Instead the drive, in four hours of torrential rain, was the scariest I've ever done!

(My mum has come along for the trip... I heard her telling my dad on the phone, "It was a terrible drive. But we had some good times." Heh heh.)

Time for a snooze... tomorrow to discover Hervey Bay!

(So tired... no matter how I try I can't write English goodly now.)

(Mum again, in the motel pointing at the tourist map: "I think all the swish action is up this end. And that's us down the other end.")

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Bespoke Letterpress Boutique said...

arent mums are the best? hope you find some time to check out all the swish action!!