Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The big one hundred! And a giveaway!

God bless the power of the interwebs. This week my facebook page reached one hundred followers! Hooray!

To celebrate, I've launched a new category in my online shop- Under $100. It does what it says on the tin, folks. Cheap as chips.

The silver butterfly pendant above is the star of the show, I feel- it's based on a little lace design that my mum used to whip up in fine thread. (There's been a lot of talk about my mum here lately, have you noticed? Hmm. Bless her too.)

Now for some bribery and corruption. Are you my facebook follower? You should be! 'Like' my facebook page and leave a comment on my wall, and you'll have the chance to win a butterfly pendant of your very own!

So, just to break that down:

1. Hit the 'Like' button here. (If you haven't already!)

2. Leave me a little comment on the wall (the winner will be drawn at random, but, you know, a little sucking-up wouldn't go astray anyway)

3. Cross your fingers!

I'll draw the prize in one week- it could be you...


rino breebaart said...

Oh crumbs - I've just jumped off the Facebook train for good. Can I "like" this post instead?

madeleine brown said...

Goodness Rino, how can you? Facebook and coffee are my two vices. Sad...