Thursday, 17 March 2011

Step five: have heart attack.

Yesterday I had a visit from Anna and her daughter, the happiest almost-one-year-old in the world. I've been stalking- er, admiring- Anna's blog for years, so it was lovely to have a little catch up in the real world. (If you suffer from severe beautiful old home envy, as I do, perhaps don't visit her renovating blog.) Her gorgeous kiddly-wink is named Madeleine. Poor kid. She'll be explaining the spelling to people for years.

I sent them home with a big handful of passionfruits, our one truly productive crop at the moment, and promised a recipe for Passionfruit Butter. Here it is, Anna!


recipe courtesy of my mum, who is also called Anna and has a daughter called Madeleine. Freeeaky.

1. In a double boiler at a low heat, melt together 220gms of castor sugar, and 110g unsalted butter, until the sugar dissolves.

2. Lightly beat 3 eggs and add to saucepan with: the juice of 8 strained and two unstrained small passionfruits (don't want too many of those pesky seeds) OR the strained juice of 3 lemons.

3. Use a wooden spoon to stir over a low heat until mixture becomes thick and glossy. Be patient- it can take 20 mins or so.

4. Cool and pop in a jar in the fridge. Tell people you're going to give it as a home-made gift, or fill shortcrust tart shells with it, and then really eat it straight from the jar with a spoon while no-one's looking.

(Clearly I've been reading a bit too much of this awesome blog and now think I'm some kind of food stylist. Katie, I think your job is safe.)


siobhan said...

On the issue of spelling, at least all the consonants in Madeleine make the sound they're supposed to. :)

madeleine brown said...

True! Those crazy Irish and their spelling... I should be grateful! It's the French and their whacky vowels I have to blame.

Bespoke Letterpress Boutique said...

Oh the lovely Anna! Isn't she and her Madeline just so sweet! Hope you ladies had a lovely time :)

Anna said...

Just finished. Now for the final part of step four, followed by step five! Yummy ;)