Monday, 21 February 2011

Opposites Attract

More clever customers! Lucy and Chris spent a day with me in the studio, hammering and soldering and polishing, to make each other's wedding rings for their April wedding. How's that for instant talent!

Chris's ring features their two fingerprints, and is organic, soft and tactile. Lucy's ring has a little dip in it to fit in snugly next to her (rather spectacular) engagement ring, and is just as pretty as can be.

Two wedding rings from opposite ends of the spectrum. But both made with love (and a bit of sweat- although no blood or tears). Congratulations, you clever kids- I hope you have the most beautiful wedding day.

Would you ever think about making your own wedding rings? You can, you can! Find out more here.

See you in the studio!


Felicity said...

Oh my goodness, what an amazing concept - to make each others wedding rings.

When I first saw this image I thought the the texture on Chris' ring was a reflection, but no, it was something far more spectacular!
I am absolutely loving this concept - congratulations everyone!

x Felicity

Anna said...

The fingerprint thing is so great! I love it!

BTW, I've sent a family friend in your general direction. She already knew about you, but thought you might be too scary to approach ... people are so funny aren't they! Her name is Sarah (if you don't hear from her let me know and I'll keep hounding her).

I have a feeling she may appreciate this little concept of yours!