Monday, 28 February 2011


This is such an unusual set of rings- I really love it.

Paul asked me to design a surprise engagement ring for Amy. It was a worrying request- although I've made many pieces of jewellery for Amy over the years, I had no idea what style Amy would choose for 'the big ring' if she knew it was coming. In the end I suggested that we pick a beautiful diamond for him to propose with, so that Amy could be involved in the design process later.

To my surprise, when they came in to the studio together to discuss the ring, Amy picked up a wax model that I'd been toying with for ages, tried it on, and loved it. The resulting ring is egg shaped, and super chunky in natural white gold, but also leaves the diamond exposed and seemingly hanging in space. It looks fantastic on Amy's tiny fingers.

It's a slightly crazy ring for a slightly crazy couple. Love you guys, A +P!

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Felicity said...

I love the concept of the 'groom' choosing a diamond and then the couple designing the rings together.

Again, this is a stunning set,

Felicity x