Monday, 18 October 2010

Mayo Festival 2010

Pssst! Hey, you! What are you doing this weekend?

Feel like some jewellery shopping...? Of course you do. And so does your husband.

St Margaret's School in Ascot is holding its biannual Mayo Festival, with an exhibition of jewellery, sculpture, ceramics and glass. It honours Daphne Mayo, Brisbane's first famed sculptress, and St Margarets old-girl. (She sculpted that pointy bit at the top of Brisbane Town Hall- I know there's a better name for the pointy bit, but you get me.)

Jewellers represented include Matt Dwyer, Anna Varendorff, Barbara Heath, Ari Athens, Kylie Gartside, Kathy Mclay, and me! Really the who's who of Qld jewellers (says me). Okay, and ex-Qld jewellers... I'm looking at you, Anna Varendorff.

The last Mayo festival really was an exciting showing, and you ought to see the view from the St Marg's arts centre. Holy dooley. Highly recommended.

The exhibition is open to the public this Saturday 23rd October, 10am to 8pm. What a great excuse to get your Christmas shopping started. And then pop off and have something delicious at Vanilla Pod Cafe around the corner. Yum.

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