Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hippy tirade

Have you ever noticed how smug people who grow their own vegetables are? Evangelical, even. Truly, I can bang on for hours about how you've never tasted a tomato until you've grown it yourself blah blah blah.

Which is kind of ironic seeing as my involvement in the garden is limited to saying, "You know what'd be great? A supply of fresh oregano" *sigh* and waiting until the weekend when It Becomes So.

(Thank you Mark for making all my vegetable dreams come true.)

And yes, we are so much more awesome than your average shmoe who buys their veg from Woolies. Obviously.


Anna said...


cut into florets, boil with some frozen peas and fettuccine, fry some bacon, salmon and onion in a pan, mix in cream and chook stock, toss together and enjoy!

madeleine brown said...

wow- Anna, that sounds amaaaazing.