Sunday, 8 August 2010


A big thank you to uber-blogger Chelsea Fuss for her post on our wedding- on her pretty pretty blog, {frolic!}.

And g'day, American visitors! And hells yeah, I ship to the States. (In case you were wondering.)

Here is the super-cool way I reacted to seeing our wedding photos on Frolic... "Eeeek!! Oh my god! Mark, we're on Frolic! Oh my god, Joanna Goddard commented on the wedding!!! Aaaaargh!"



wrinkle-free rovers said...

Yay! Gorgeous, and it was a truly divine day! xx

chelsea said...

hee hee! your wedding looked so lovely!! it is an absolute pleasure to have in on frolic! xo

madeleine brown said...


Lauren said...

Congrats Madeleine!! I'm sooo happy for you - it's like when my ring was on your blog :-)

madeleine brown said...

Ha! Thanks Lauren, I'd like to think I have half the readers of frolic... I think you brought most of them with you!