Monday, 12 April 2010

Brisbane News

A big thank you to Lizzie Corser at Brisbane News, who gave me a mention last week in her feature article "Precious Few", about Brisbane's jewellers. 

(It's a little perk to be referred to as a "hot new jewellery designer"... much as I suspect I am only one of those things.)

That's me in the corner- with the alien laser eyes. 


Thea said...

That's a lovely photo. congrats.

Hanney said...

When did you have the lasers installed? They look amazing!

littlechrissy said...

Oh I've been meaning to tell you I saw someone the other day (cannot for the life of me remember where) wearing your lacey earrings I was admiring at Woodford. I was so excited!

madeleine brown said...

Thanks Chrissy! The first time I saw someone in the street wearing my jewellery, I went up to her and said "oh my god I made your jewellery!!" very deeply uncool.
Channey, the lasers ARE cool- unfortunately it's now illegal for me to look at planes taking off.

littlechrissy said...

hahah I did EXACTLY the same thing when I went out to dinner and there was a woman wearing one of my brooches. I ran into her in the bathroom and said something rather simpering and excited. I think the fact I was quite tipsy at the time didn't help.