Monday, 25 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Forgive me Blog, it's been eight weeks since my last confession.

Since the first of December, we have moved into our new house

turned 30

got hitched

then planted some vegies

hung out with the dog

and generally enjoyed all those around-the-home things that we middle aged people like so much. 
It's been joyous and fabulous. I'm exhausted. 
Back to work for a much-needed break. 
(ps living in the country does have its drawbacks; no landline yet and wireless connection only in the front yard sure make for some sporadic internet usage. But with no tv and no internet, I'm getting very good at Yahtzee.)


KT Doyle said...

Congratulations Madeleine! Wow! What a great start to 2010 for you both!

Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

Yay how exciting! Congrats on well... EVERYTHING! More wedding pics please...

emjay said...

second the 'more wedding pics please!' comment!
congrats! where abouts in the country are you living? i want to live in the country. alas. i live in the city.

Thea said...

Wow! You have been a busy lady. Congratulations!

Polka Dot Bride said...

Oh how exciting! Would love to see more wedding photos!

littlechrissy said...

Congrats on all fronts! What a bloody brilliant start to 2010... may it continue that way.
Chris xxx

madeleine brown said...

Thanks everyone! It IS an awesome start to the year- but also a hard act to follow! More pics to come... xxMadeleine

blossom creations said...

Maddy! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You looked gorgeous and your wedding and house look amazing. What a start to the year. Sending you big hugs, hi to Mark too x