Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Gosh, I don't know what to say.

What's that, Blog? You heard it was my 30th birthday in a couple of weeks and you got me this tahitian pearl ring? Wow, that was so generous- I love it.

(Okay, this ring isn't really for me... it's been commissioned as a surprise 50th birthday present, for someone who deserves it twenty years more than I do. But I do. Love it, that is. Want want want.)

And a matching pendant, too? Oh Blog... you are too kind. 


Anna said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

My darling husband sulked for a week when he turned 30... I hope you have more fun :)

BTW, I'm hoping we may soon be coming to visit with a little commission of our own.

Love Anna :)

madeleine brown said...

ooh, goody! I should be your local jeweller very soon. Hope you are all well!

Zoë said...

Madeleine, that ring is dieworthy. I LOVE IT. phwoar. the end. Zoe.

Zoë said...

oh oops. Happy birthday. 30 was GREAT fun!

madeleine brown said...

Zoe, you could make that ring now after our class! Easy!

Zoë said...

One day I will. I LOVE tahitian pearls. Also - I would love to shave down the ring I made to taper it as it's a bit uncomfy. SO one day I will do that also. Can I borrow a file? :)