Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Roma, not the italian one.

Just got back from a faaaaabulous weekend in Roma, west of Brisbane. What a great place! My Roma expectations were high, and Roma delivered- cute town, nice old buildings, great new arts centre and gallery, a cinema next door to my motel and real coffee available within stumbling distance in the morning. Excellent.

I taught a silversmithing class in said brand-new arts centre, to a group of lovely ladies who didn't really need any advice from me. Check out some of the pieces they made:

Noice one, ladies. And that's only a couple of the treasures.

Next door was a ceramics studio, where I spotted these beautiful little dishes with blue handwriting imprinted in their surfaces. I was very intrigued, and on my third day, humbly approached the ceramics ladies to inquire about a potential purchase. I thought I might be able to afford one as a little souvenir of my lovely Roma weekend. In fact, when they showed me the tag I very quickly snapped up all six, for the bargain price of I'm-not-telling-cos-I'm-embarrassed-how-little-it-was.

The artist is Megan Bennett, and the series is called 'Chinese Whispers'. I think she is in Brisbane now? I'll be keeping an eye out for more of her work- my appreciation of ceramics has increased tenfold since my own pottery disaster day.

I can't wait to install these in our new house. One day. Soon. I hope.


littlechrissy said...

Wow they did well with their creations and you totally scored with your purchases! Are you Woodford'ing again this year?

madeleine brown said...

Unfortunately no- we're getting married instead! Hosting a wedding in our brand-new house and teaching classes at Woodford seemed like a bit much to manage in the space of a week... next year, though!

littlechrissy said...

Oh congrats!! Your new house looks like a beautiful place to tie the knot. Big warm wishes to you both.