Thursday, 29 October 2009

Farewell KiLN!

It's a sad day in Madeleinesville.
In preparation for the Great Big Move of Wonderfulness, I had a Small Move of Sadness and a Few Tears last night. I packed up the studio and moved out of Kiln Gallery in Paddington.

I'll miss you, Paddington, with your multiple coffee options.
I'll miss you, Kiln, with your art that tempts my poor wrung-out wallet every month.
I'll miss you, Tom and Danielle and Oskie and Cate and Jeff et al... I've been so lucky to be surrounded by such motivated, smart and supportive people for the last 18 months!

Bring on the new studio!! (Construction continues. *sigh*)
Watch this space. Just a leeeedle bit longer.


Gilpies said...

Oh my goodness, I had no idea! So so sad for me, but so happy for you with your new gorgeous house and studio! xx Cate

Saho said...

Oh no.. I just found your website and just was going to visit your shop in Paddington..

Your work is so amazing and I love all of your work.

Look forward to visiting new studio! Saho