Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Yumbo and a few lame excuses.

Hi Blog. Remember me? How're you going, anyways?
I hope you haven't been lonely... I've just been so busy- you know, picking paint colours talking to council connect mains water talking to council clear more trees get the earthmover back install wastewater system no it doesn't fit install hot water system no it doesn't fit buying taps no those are the wrong taps...

Now that we are in squinting distance of the house being complete, I'm dreaming about my new shiny kitchen and about food. I'm not usually good at that "check out this cool thing I found on the interwebs" thing (some-one else has always found it first) BUT check out this cool site I found on the interwebs: Sprouted Kitchen

Beautiful photography, really simple, fresh-looking food. The only problem is that it's american- please somebody produce an australian version of this, so the ingredients are in season in local time. (And same goes for pretty gardening blogs- so much easier when you don't have to do the seasonal conversion.)

Yummy looking photo by Sprouted Kitchen.

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