Monday, 27 July 2009


Actually, what I'm envisioning here is some sort of news bulletin-style jingle to go with this post. As in... Housewatch! Dum-dum da-dum dum, da-da dum-dum, Housewatch!

As of the end of last week, we have a floor, and frames for walls and roof. The build has been great value so far, it's moving so swiftly and every day there is something new to see. Although our lovely builder has warned us that it's about to slide to a screaming halt- once they move to the inside fit out, I suppose the progress will seem much slower. I reckon that will be the fun bit though- picking out the precise shade of white that I want for the walls and finalising my choice of doorhandles and generally making a nuisance of myself on site.

(That's my studio on the left! Cute, huh?)


Anna said...

Wow! It is happening quickly! I wish our stuff would start to happen that quickly again :( Oh, how our roles are reversed!

Bespoke Press said...

oh its beautiful already!! look at that gorgeous outlook your studio will have!!!

madeleine brown said...

Thanks Alischa- that's what my Mum says too- "You don't have a view, but you have an outlook". It is pretty, hey??