Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Go West, Young Mad.

G’day, cobbers. I’ve just returned from six days in Blackall, West Queensland. I taught a four-day jewellery workshop at the Blackall Arts Centre- my first time any further west than Dalby. I was flown out by Flying Arts for the 41st School of the Arts.

I was a bit surprised at my own culture-shock at first- it’s a really small town, I had no mobile phone reception, nobody used the word cobber as I should have expected. But the welcome we tutors had was so lovely- everybody I spoke to was so kind and the food we were cooked was fabulous! To confirm one of my ignorant generalisations, country cooking really is awesome. Apple crumble, caramel slice, lemon delicious, date slice… mmmmm.

A very small selection of the work that the jewellery students created below: I’m very impressed indeed. I would have kept some of these pieces very happily. (Strangely, after 4 days of intense work, no-one was offering.) And enthusiastic, my word. Our 9-4pm classes were more like 8.30- 6pm classes, not even the promise of a 4 o’clock beer could convince them to knock off. Although that didn't stop me. Ahem.

And the best send-off I could have had: a big pot full of yabbies, with creamy-garlicy sauce, by a fire, under the most incredible display of stars I’ve ever seen. Thanks Blackall. I’ll be back.

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