Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A step up from the macaroni necklace.

I have the cleverest clients in the world- allow me to demonstrate…

Check out these wedding rings made recently by Josie and David, in a one-day workshop with me in my studio. The design is all Josie’s doing- she wanted to play on David’s surname, Wood, and create a pair of rings that imitated the growth rings inside the trunk of a tree. Her ring fits perfectly inside David’s to become the ‘heartwood’.

The ruby set in Josie’s ring peeks out through a ‘knot’ in David’s. And with the two sitting together as they do, the piece has a heart of gold. I’m not sure if it’s David or Josie who has the heart of gold- I think it’s both since they were so patient while I cracked the whip: “Polish harder! Polish harder!”

I hope you had a beautiful wedding, Josie and David- and hope you get lots of well-deserved compliments on your amazing rings!

Would you and your love like to create each other’s wedding rings? You are guaranteed an amazing and original piece of jewellery, the admiration of your friends, and a great story to tell your grandkids. (I polished my finger prints off!)

If you'd like to talk about spending a day with me in the workshop, please contact me via my website.

(And see the handiwork of another clever couple here.)

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inkala images said...

isn't that just the sweetest idea...i love how the rings become one when put together.

Ingrid x