Friday, 15 May 2009

Fresh from the bench

Today I'm working on an antique inspired engagement ring, for Rachel and Nick. This is the silver model- it will be made up in platinum and yellow gold, and liberally sprinkled with grain-set diamonds. Lucky girl, Rachel! I can't think of a better model for such a pretty ring.


Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

I am trying to think of other words than just 'WOW!' but that is all that comes to mind seeing this gorgeous ring.... Rachel is indeed one very lucky girl :)

Shannon Garson said...

These commissions are amazing! I think commissions are very hard to get just right for the client and for the artist.

Kylie said...

Your work is just spectacular, Madeleine! Fabulous blog. K
P.S. I really want those doily earrings!