Thursday, 23 April 2009

A word on my last post.

I have a Fine Art Degree.

Therefore my main source of employment for almost a decade was as a cappuccino-jockey. (Er, barista.)

Therefore I am an incurable coffee snob who only drinks espresso.

When my obsession with blogs began, I thought I might start one that was simply a whole lot of photographs of really bad ‘short blacks’ I have been served… weak, watery, very long, or with ice. Ice!

But I was told in no uncertain terms by the love of my life that I was a nasty, nasty girl who should do no such thing. Anyway, just to confirm, all the coffee I had in Melbourne was fabulous. They know their stuff.

1 comment:

Hanney said...

Ooooh you could totally start a second blog dedicated entirely to empty esspressos, I know you'll have at least one reader!

*anxiously waits for next post*