Friday, 10 April 2009

Underwater Love

I must share with you some photographs made by my friend Vivienne Kelly.
Vivienne and I went to school together and were in the same art class- at the time I always thought that her work was a step ahead of the rest of us- just a little more mature.

Flash forward ten years, and I ran into her at Joel Art Gallery in Brisbane, which was hosting a solo showing of her incredible work.

Vivienne is inspired by the 19th Century nature illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. She builds her interpretations of undersea organisms and plants them in bushy environments, then photographs them at night. She uses super-long exposures and then runs around in frame, lighting her creations up with torches- you can even catch glimpses of her in some of the images.

She prints the images on the most gorgeous matt paper.

And I own one! I’m so lucky!

We’ve just had the most lovely news- Vivienne and I have had a proposal accepted by Noosa Regional Gallery to exhibit together next year! I am so inspired by Viviennes’ work- I can’t wait to get started on some jewellery pieces to compliment it.

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