Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Paisley is the new Birds

I have a long held love of paisley. There was the most gorgeous wool shawl I convinced my mother she should buy in Maleny, and now borrow regularly. Thanks Mum! I had a range of paisley brooches that I sold at Indigo Cactus in the Valley (r.i.p.) when I first left art college. They were so spiky- I’m so sorry to everyone who bought one and has stabbed every person they’ve hugged ever since.

Recently at Ipswich Art Gallery (me old favourite) was the most amazing exhibition of textiles by Jill Kinnear. Long story short, she created pattern plates out of different metals, which she then passed through an airport security scanner. The resulting colour patterns are woven in wool and printed on crepe de chine, in a update on paisley and plaid.

And then what should show up at Kiln the other day, but these luscious little drawings by Natalie Perkins. Aaauuurgh… insert drooling noise here. And they’re even better, as Danielle pointed out, because of their titles: Strawberry and Lime, Mandarin and Violet, Spearmint and Cocoa.

My reputation as a coolhunter is not long and illustrious, but I’m willing to state to the public ear of the interwebs: I think Paisley is the Next Big Thing.


Natalie said...

Hello! My friend sent me a link via twitter to your blog entry and I was stoked to see my name in the same post as Jill Kinnear :P

Paisley is definitely on trend right now... about two years ago it hit the catwalks again and just recently I was engaged by a trend spotting agency to do some illustrations! The dress I wore to the opening of the Works on Paper show was paisley (not intentional, I swear!), and even my bloody mother wore a paisley printed tunic on the night (which was intentional!)

littlechrissy said...

The paisley prints are jaw-droppingly beautiful. The colours - so lush.