Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Papier Valise

Look, oh look what came in the mail!

Papier Valise is a beautiful little online boutique run by Janice in Canada. Little bits and pieces of crafty vintagey everything. This site is like porn for the handmaking-woman. Yes yes, add to cart, add to cart!!

And she also has a sweet blog, called Scissor Variations, which rarely if ever mentions porn or the Beastie Boys. (She does like ee cummings though, so p-raps there’s something in common after all).

Now, please understand, I struggled with this post… should I share this amazing discovery? Eventually the Catholic Guilt won out, and I felt you should all know about it. Let the people buy butcher’s string- and she saw that it was good.

DO NOT tell me you’ve been shopping with Papier Valise for years. Of course you have.

Believe it or not, I didn’t realise how colour-co-ordinated my purchases were until I opened the box.

Do I have a plan for all these lovely bits and pieces? Course not. But it’s very important to have these things waiting for when inspiration strikes, don’t you think?


maggie said...

Hello Ms Madeleine,

Ooh what a lovely find. As for the colour co-ordination...reds are passion you know and tomato the fruit of love!! Perhaps there is a subliminal something in all of that.

Miss Maggie

littlechrissy said...

Oh yes a solid stash of 'just in case' pieces is of the utmost importance. I am doing my Grandma proud by carrying on her tradition of hoarding everything...