Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Welcome to the studio

My studio is on the ground floor of Kiln gallery, which is in the lovely old tram substation in Paddington. I feel very lucky; compared to some cities, Brisbane doesn’t have many old buildings. For a while there we had a habit of knocking them down in the middle of the night when no one could object.

You can’t beat these old buildings for character… although it’s freezing in winter and noisy with the huge old wooden doors open to the street, I still get a kick out of people’s reactions when they walk in for the first time. And hell, the only exercise I get in my life is dashing up and down the mezzanine stairs and closing those big doors (they weigh a tonne).

But after discussing Kiln with a couple of lovely lady artists on the weekend, I realised what is best about the space: the people inside. For many years, I have worked in the spare bedroom at home, which has its advantages of course- working in tracksuit pants being one of them. Playing Beastie Boys really loudly being another.

But working at Kiln exposes me to so many creative people: artists, designers, animators, film makers, curators, as well as the loyal bunch of fans who come in each month to see the latest offerings. Even just a smile from a visitor makes the day a bit nicer. And the creative people of Brisvegas are so clever! Who knew?! I just didn’t have these people in my spare bedroom.

You know what? You should come in and say hello! We like visitors. And who knows what cleverness you might discover.


Bespoke Press said...

ohh what an amazing space!!

Rachael said...

Would love to come and visit!

Kim Wallace :: Udessi said...

I just love the space Kiln Gallery is in, so unique! It was so lovely to meet you on Thursday, hopefully see you again next time :)