Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Blog, meet Dog

One of the men in my life- Albino Toe Brown, Alby for short.

Putch, Putchy-loo, Lord Putchums the First, Stinkums, or Albus Minimus if we’re feeling more loquacious.


Anna said...

Hello Miss Madeleine ... nice to hear from you in blog land!

We have a rag-doll cat who has similar naming confusion to your boy. His official name is Ambrose (after Curtly Ambrose the Cricketer ... blame my husband). We NEVER use his real name, instead he gets Mister Brose, Mister Mister Brose, Mister, Brose, Brosie, and when he's scheming my husband's death so he can be number one in my affections, Mr. White (after the villain in the latest Bond movies ... and he is white).

Also, I really think people should use loquacious more often!

madeleine brown said...

Thanks Anna... the nice thing about a blog is I can pretend that I talk good all the time.