Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Home and away.

Phew! What a huge month it has been- full of family, old friends and travel. I've been to a wedding and a funeral, a first birthday party for the world's cutest child (my niece, of course) and caught up with a childhood friend I hadn't seen in years. None of these things in Brisbane, mind you. I'm racking up some frequent flyer points, oh yes I am.

I have one more wedding on the agenda, and then I'm more or less a homebody for a while. I love my home. I love my husband and my bed and my books and all my stuff. I love getting away, but home is always such a relief, isn't it?

Wedding number one was on Stradbroke Island, for my dear friends Matt and Viv. They threw a cracker, with weather to match.

Vivienne sourced a watermelon tourmaline and its stunning colours really required just the simplest of delicate little settings to show it off. It's made in rose gold, which matches Matt's wide, clean rose gold band. I'm so happy I could contribute to their special day, and being there to see the rings go on the fingers is just the icing on the cake for me. Mmmm. Cake.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

...And more collaboration.

Really I can take very little credit for this one. This pendant was made by my talented jewellery student, Em. She found inside an old birthday card a lock of... hair? fur? wool?... from her childhood pet pooch. (A poodle, Em? Am I right?)

She set it in resin with the help of fellow student Mikki, a resin expert. Then designed and created the sterling silver casing to wear around her neck- with a little help from me. I love it- Victorian mourning jewellery with a twist. RIP, Lucky.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Collaborative efforts

This set of rings is dear to my heart, because the experience of working with Lynda and David was a pleasure from go-to-woah. And I'm not just saying that because, due to a large number of freaky coincidences, Lynda is my doppelgänger. Or, I'm hers. And I'm not just saying it because Lynda sent me pictures of her cute goats! (I love goats. I want goats. This is a subject for another day.)

Alls I can say is, I am a lucky sod to work with creative types because every job is like a lovely collaboration. And collaborations are what I like best.

Lynda's ring is natural unplated 18ct white gold, and David's simple, rough band is in strong, light titanium. The metal of the future!

Now don't get me wrong- you don't have to be in the creative industries to have your special piece made by me. Hey, you could be a high-powered city type without a creative bone in your body. I'll still make your three-carat diamond and platinum ring for you.

It doesn't hurt to put it out there, right...?!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Precision and Code

Super-excited to share these rings, which are a before and after, and after.

A few years ago I made this wedding ring for architect Paul, following probably the most comprehensive set of cad-drawn blueprints I have ever been handed. Architects Do It To The Tenth of A Millimetre. I think this should be a bumper sticker.

All the little squares make up a kind of hybrid morse code- if you can read it, you're doing pretty well.

Then, at the beginning of this year, architect Paul's architect wife Jenny contacted me, having decided that her two store-bought rings could do with a bit of an update. We used Paul's wedder to set the theme, melted her rings down to re-use the gold, and set her stunning princess cut diamonds in similar style. The seemingly random pattern of diamonds and spaces is also in code. Clever clients. I love jewellery with a secret dimension. Why give everything away?

It's always a pleasure to see old clients several years down the track. Nice to catch up, Paul and Jenny- hopefully I'll see you again in a few more years!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Shh! Secret Squirrel!

Who has two thumbs and locked themselves out of their own blog for several months?
*This guy!*
(Note to self: do that joke with video next time.)

I'm back!
With another super-pretty set of rings and a cute story.
As per usual, my clients prove themselves to be nicer than your average bear.

Sarah and Zane flew up to Brisbane to meet with me and commissioned this engagement ring in rose gold, with a natural apricot coloured sapphire, and a rough-hewn white gold wedding band for Zane. Sarah planned on wearing just the one ring- instead of having a separate wedding and engagement ring.

After they got home, Sarah dropped me an email and asked me to make a secret gift of silver wedding-day cufflinks for Zane. Around the same time, Zane contacted me and requested a secret extra wedding band for Sarah. Much sneaking around and hilarious hijinks ensued. I'm a terrible liar, but one thing I am good at is keeping jewellery-related secrets. Safe to say both were surprised by their sparkly extras.

(click on the pics to get up close.)

Sarah also ordered lacey rings as gifts for her three bridesmaids, and Zane sweetly bumped up the order to include an extra surprise ring for Sarah's birthday, celebrated on their honeymoon. Unsurprisingly I am now having Sarah-and-Zane withdrawals. Who will I play secret squirrel with now? (Visit anytime, guys.)

Monday, 23 April 2012

Beautiful bouncing babies

A special commission for the mother of two precious babes... to match these.

Chris and Kirstin are long time commissioners of mine, having ordered their wedding rings from me way back in... I dunno, 2002? Is that right, guys? And I've been hocking them shiny stuff ever since. What can I say. The peeps have taste.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Painted Ladies.

Life is good when I get to work on weird commissions with awesome people. Nadine Johns-Alcock from super-cool-dude hairdressing salon Rokstar was styling a photo shoot inspired by pre-Raphaelite painted beauties. She asked me to create a headpiece crocheted from bright red human hair extensions... um... how could anyone say no to that?

Here's the inspiration...

And here's the outcome...

Photography by Red Eclipse. More here.